Jeffrey Cheung

Jeffrey Cheung’s drawings and paintings celebrate queer identities, centering on richly colored nude figures whose bodies playfully twist around and embrace each other.

Jeffrey Cheung creates prints and zines, and his illustrations can also be found outdoors on murals and on skateboards. Rooting his art practice in community - particularly the Bay Area’s queer community - Cheung depicts his joyous, androgynous characters on decks he’s given away to young skaters at meetups.

He’s hand-painted more than one thousand custom boards since 2017, when he co-founded Unity, a brand that has encompassed an independent press, a skateboard company, and an art studio.

A graduate of the University of California, Santa Cruz, Cheung embraced printmaking as a way to explore his sexuality, and his practice reflects an unwavering commitment to creating welcoming spaces for people of all identites.

Selected works