Nicolas Jullien

French sculptor, musician and filmmaker. Born in France in 1985. After 10 years living in London, he’s now based in Paris

Autodidact, he has developed over the years a very personal yet wide ranging artistic practice, often described as raw and naïve. Using vivid colours, simple forms and familiar scenes, Nicolas Jullien uses Sculpture to tell stories somewhere between reality and fiction.

Attracted by the roughness, solidity and resistance of wood, Nicolas Jullien has developed a sculptural practice that goes against the nature of this medium: his work is gentle looking, leaving the viewer with a warm-hearted feeling.

His artistic practice encompasses other disciplines such as drawing and ceramics in which he explores further the uncanniness of life. He’s been making electronic music since 2005: solo albums as well as soundtracks for films, artists videos and immersive installations.

He’s playing live in clubs and museums, collaborating with artists and illustrators.

Working closely with his brother – painter and visual artist Jean Jullien – they together created the Jullien Brothers studio, creating animated films, cultural campaigns and music videos.

Selected works