MAYA HAYUK - 'XC' print release - Dec. 6th at 6PM (Brussels time)

We are thrilled to announce MAYA HAYUK latest print release

Simultaneous release in New York & Brussels on DECEMBER 6th at 6PM in Brussels / 12:00 NOON in Brooklyn


  • 2023
  • Analog Screen Print
  • 15 x 22”/ 38 x 55 cm
  • 8 Colors on 300 gsm Sommerset 100% cotton rag
  • Handprinted at X-Cottage, UK
  • Signed and numbered by the artist
  • Edition of 100
  • 550€ + shipment

Get your on Dec 6 at 6PM From Brussels HERE

Get yours on Dec 6 at Noon from Brooklyn HERE

No specific number's request - thanks!

.. a few words by Maya about this print...

It’s been almost ten years since I released my VERY X screen print with Pictures on Walls in 2014, hand-printed in a London basement with a Master Printer and very dear friend. I think of this print, XC, as a little gem of a follow-up to that time and experience. XC was hand-printed in a bucolic setting on locally sourced paper while we fueled ourselves on tea and fresh eggs (which were totally rationalized as being vegan because those sweet hens are part of the earth and otherwise their lays would’ve gone to waste). Even though I myself am not a vegan, this really makes sense to me. So does drinking strong tea with good friends. 

I named this print XC, the name of the utopia where it was created x. The “X” motif has long been present in my work and holds many deep, resounding meanings for me. My grandmother Slava taught me the cross-stitched embroidery her mother taught her and her mother’s mother taught her since the dawn of whatever. This practice dates back to Pagan times in Ukraine - the symbol “X” was for protection, which was easily adopted into Christianity there over a thousand years ago. 

The “X” is a binary code that can create any shape, image or pattern. It’s the first gesture in building a bonfire. On one hand it’s a kiss; on the other it’s a nihilistic expression of the end or for prompting a negation. X marks the spot on a treasure map. X-ing out graffiti is generally considered a dick move (unless it’s to wipe out a swastika). X is what my generation called ecstasy/MDMA. The “X” in X-ray stands for the unknown, but I do know that X RAY SPEX were a great band. One “X” is the signature of someone who can’t write; put a few “X”’s in a row and you get some Ron Jeremy flick. “X” shapes were the basis of Underground Railroad markings and used currently in Urban Search and Rescue signage. An “X” crossed with another “X” forms a military hedgehog, a vital defense from attacks of fascist invaders. In other words, X is protection. Don’t even get me started. 

With that, I hope you like my new print. 

Photo credit: Oriana Garzon & Tatum Magnus

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