K Tower - Daniel Götesson

5 sculptures in front of the K Tower in Lisbon

Regarding the expression

In these 5 sculptures you can find a minimum of 12 different emotions and expressions, depending on what angle you are viewing the sculptures from, some might even change depending on the time of the day. The relation between the sculptures is very important, here a situation is made that can have many different interpretations depending on the spectator. How you read the expression of one sculpture will have an effect on the others and what the spectator think is going on in this ’scene’.

Here is a list of key words that comes to my mind when looking at the pieces:

Ecstatic / Amazement / Happy / Chock / Wonder / Confusion / Zen / Content / Sceptic / Lonely / Alienated / Lost / Neutral / Curious / Open.

Curator: Alice van den Abeele
Artist: Daniel Götesson aka EKTA
Client: Krest Investments

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