Jean Jullien


Why has this «game changer» been so successful in the past few years? With a light and poetic tone, Jean Jullien's work is a reflection of society that brings people together and calms them. In short, an antidote to the growing complexity of the voracious and unforgiving everyday life. The recipe is often the same, he is inspired by a daily situation that he freely reinterprets on paper or canvas in a resolutely synthetic style. To the torments of romanticism, or the rage of expressionism, Jean Jullien prefers the splendor of evanescent memory.

In 2018, Jean Jullien was having one of his first exhibitions, here in Brussels, in the annexe of Alice Gallery. Four years later, the painter is being offered one exhibition after another in galleries or museums all over the place.

The icing on the cake for this spiritual heir of the «French touch» stamped May 68 of a Sempé, Savignac or Ungerer is a big monograph published by the prestigious publishing house Phaidon. The book will be released this spring in French and English and will be available on all continents.