Group show

Just Before Brazil


Just before all eyes focus on Brazil, ALICE Gallery presents the works of 26 artists. Seen through A3 identical frames, the exhibition unveils a singular view of a contemporary art scene. This is not a synthesized selection of our artistic preferences, but rather the beginning of a dialogue between the works of talented artists. The initial idea was to bring together the artists that Alice and I invited for ‘Asphalte’, the Biennale in Charleroi that will take place in June this year. It was the perfect opportunity for us to organize a public and artistic meeting around these artists present in Belgium. Then, carried by our enthusiasm, the list was extended to include other artists with whom we share a privileged relationship.


  • Maya Hayuk
  • Todd James
  • Steve Powers
  • Poch
  • HuskMitNavn
  • Sozyone Gonzalez
  • Atelier Pica Pica
  • Invader
  • Hell’O Monsters
  • Parra
  • Boris Tellegen
  • Colonel & Spit
  • Momo
  • Paul Wackers
  • Bjarke P z Olsen
  • Sophie d’Ansembourg
  • HoNeT
  • Dave Decat
  • Sixe Paredes
  • Michael Swaney
  • 2 shy
  • Guy Yanai
  • Samuel François
  • Escif
  • Cleon Peterson

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